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Estate Gift Will Continue a Lifetime of Giving to UIS Library

Photo of Paul Buckles
Paul Buckles

“By giving to Brookens Library, I’m contributing to the overall education of students and the University as a whole.”

—Paul Buckles

Many donors make a commitment through a traditional estate plan. Paul C. Buckles recently signed over a portion of his life insurance to the University of Illinois Foundation to provide unrestricted support for Brookens Library at the University of Illinois Springfield (UIS). “By giving to Brookens Library,” he said, “I feel like I’m contributing to the overall education of students and the University as a whole.”

Paul C. Buckles earned an M.A. in history from UIS (then Sangamon State) in 1974. He is especially pleased to have had Professor G. Cullom Davis, a renowned historian and Lincoln Scholar, as his advisor.

As a student, Paul spent many hours at Brookens Library, which provided him a place to work on his master’s research project investigating the extension of I-72 from Jacksonville to Quincy. Even now, having retired from a career in social work, Paul still spends many hours studying.

He is particularly fascinated by the period of American history from the end of the Civil War to the Depression. During that time, Americans rebuilt their nation, settled a frontier, created labor unions, gave women the right to vote, watched Wall Street rise and fall, and endured the turmoil of the Depression, the Spanish-American War, and World War I.

Paul has been giving to Brookens Library since 1996. He says his contributions help ensure that UIS students continue to have meaningful learning experiences—the kind he has had throughout his own life.

“With this gift,” he said, “I can know that my contributions to Brookens Library will continue for many years to come.”

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